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Staff Directory

To contact any of our staff members, call RHAC at:

or toll-free 1.866.920.1601


Executive Director
Brian Lester, ext. 243

Director of Operations
Mike Joudrey, ext. 234

Finance and Administration Coordinator
Dylan Hammond ext. 227

Administrative Assistant
Travis Fazio


Client Services

Director of Client Services
Bruce Rankin, ext. 237

Manager of HIV/HCV Support Services
Holly Taylor, ext. 237 

Case Manager
Carin Fraser, ext. 228

Case Manager
Marsha Milliken, ext. 226

Peer Support Worker
Rob Newman, ext. 253

Hepatitis C Outreach Educator
Katie Adams, ext. 233

Harm Reduction Services

Director of Harm Reduction
Sonja Burke, ext. 244

Manager of Carepoint Harm Reduction Services
Megan Van Boheemen, ext. 262

Manager of Counterpoint Harm Reduction
Lily Bialas, ext. 223

Harm Reduction Case Manager
Blair Henry, ext. 260

IDU Outreach Worker
Mike McGregor, ext. 238

Harm Reduction Support Worker
Anna Chamberlain, ext. 263  

Harm Reduction Support Worker
Nancy Antone, ext. 232

Harm Reduction Support Worker
Jessica Greig

Harm Reduction Support Worker
Renee Primeau

Paramedic - Consumption and Treatment Services
Bobby Harris

Peer Harm Reduction Support Worker
Kellen Fraleigh, ext. 263

Systems Navigator
Vikram Arora, ext. 256

Community Relations

Director of Community Relations and Education
Martin McIntosh, ext. 229

Volunteer Service Coordinator
Fran McKeown, ext. 252

Fund Development Coordinator
Zena Currie, ext. 257 

Communications Coordinator
Branden Raue, ext. 258

Regional and Digital Engagement Coordinator
Almas Farooqi, ext. 254 



Manager of Education
Meredith Fraser, ext. 230

Gay Men's HIV Prevention Worker
Kyle Rubini, ext. 231

Gay Men's Community Developer
William Marchand, ext. 250

Multicultural HIV Prevention Coordinator
Mercy Nleya, ext. 222

Women's HIV/AIDS Community Development Coordinator
Olivia Smith-Rodriguies, ext. 249

Rural and Ethno-Cultural Sexual Health Outreach Coordinator
Sean Garcia, ext. 245

John Gordon Home


Director of Client Services
Bruce Rankin, ext. 237

Director of Operations
Mike Joudrey, ext. 238

Manager of Resident Care
Lila Desjardine, ext. 224

Nutrition Services Coordinator
Mary Mann-McCavitt, ext. 225