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Gay Guy's Book Club

Central Library Boardroom

L.A. Heat by P.A. Brown— Copies of this book have been made available by the author. Please contact Blair at for your free copy.

The author P.A. Brown will be in attendance at the meeting to discuss this thrilling detective novel. When LAPD detective David Laine first encounters hunky party boy Chris Bellamere, it is to interrogate him about the murder of one of Chris’s many sexual conquests. When Chris’s efforts to prove his own innocence mark him as a victim, David steps in to save him, and finds himself falling in love with a man who might be a brutal murderer. P.A. Brown’s debut is a gritty mystery set in LA’s edgy, less glamorous East Side, where gangs co-mingle with gays, gunfire is heard after dark, and where a gay cop like David Laine could live undetected. At least until now.