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Gay Guys' Film Night

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C.O.G. is the film adaptation from popular American comedian and writer David Sedaris and tells the story of how Sedaris, as a young Yale graduate, spent a summer on an Orgeon apple farm in an attempt to earn something about the real world.
Enter twenty-something-guy-who’s-not-sure-how-to-be-gay, Jonathan Groff (Glee, Looking). He plays a cocky, bookish young man who is effectively going on a kind of blue collar safari, and in the process, realizes why working life and devout religion are bound together, in a way he can only understand through indulging completely in it.
Screened as part of the new BFI Flare LGBT film festival, C.O.G. is a coming of age piece with a difference. It’s intelligent, witty and complex.

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