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HIV Transmission through Breast/Chest Feeding Discussion

1:00pm to 4:00pm
Regional HIV/AIDS Connection Boardroom 186 King St #30

In the excitement of the U=U movement, questions have been raised about HIV transmission through breast/chestfeeding. The need for more information and discussion on this topic has been identified.Join us for a dynamic and informative presentation on the science behind HIV transmission through breast/chestmilk, a discussion on the implications for practice and policy, and an introduction to a new set of tools that will facilitate discussion on this topic.
Dr Lena Serghides is a basic scientist and global expert on this issue and offers a clear and detailed presentation on the science of HIV in breast/chestmilk and the research evidence that U≠U in the context of breast/chestfeeding.
Nicci Stein is the Executive Director of The Teresa Group, an organization focused on children and families affected by HIV. Nicci will lead a discussion about practice and policy implications.

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