HIV Programs & Services

All of our programs and services are free and confidential. If you’re interested in any of them or just have a question please call, email or come into the agency and speak with our Client Services team.

Our Services and Programs Include:

  • Crisis Intervention

    Client Services staff is available to provide immediate emergency crisis intervention to PHAs experiencing distress.

  • Friendly Visitor Program

    Through this program clients are paired with a trained volunteer who they meet with at a mutually agreed upon time. Clients may feel isolated. Through this program they have the opportunity to socialize and chat with a volunteer. In some instances volunteers may also be able to assist running errands offering practical support.

  • Counselling

    Counselling is available at RHAC for those living with HIV as well as affected clients such as partners or family members. Through counseling clients may explore issues such as grief and loss, sexual health, disclosure or whatever else they may be coping with.

  • Practical Support

    These supports include an on-site supplementary food bank known as Country Cupboard, bus tickets for medical appointments, as well as help applying for supports such as Ontario Works (OW), Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or Rent Geared to Income Housing. Client Services can also assist in connecting clients with HIV related health care services.

  • Transportation

    At times clients may be able to get transportation assistance to appointments using a RHAC volunteer driver. If clients are located outside the London area and need help getting into the city, Client Services can also help coordinate transportation and, in some instances, assist with costs.

  • Social Support Groups

    PHA Café – occurs one evening of each month. Group meetings include dinner, social events, discussions, education and capacity building. PHA Café is open to anyone living with HIV. Contact Carin for more information.
    Winners Circle – closed social/support dinner group for HIV+ people who are long term survivors. This group meets the 3rd Thursday of each month. Contact Rob for more information.
    Women’s Group – happens the last Thursday evening of each month. Group meetings include dinner, discussion, as well as social and educational events. Women's Group is open to all women who are HIV+. Contact Miriam for more information.

  • Monthly Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions

    Monthly workshops in which clients are provided food and a topic for discussion such as budgeting, activism or advocating for one’s own health care. Lunch 'n learns are an excellent way to meet other clients (HIV+ and/or affected individuals) as well as opportunities for education.

  • Wellness Assistance Fund (WAF)

    Financial assistance available for HIV+ clients who have emergency or “one-time” expenses related to their wellness, which are not covered by any other benefits or existing resources in the community.

  • PHA Newsletter – Speak Out

    PHAs produce this publication three times each year. It reflects the voice of people living with HIV, their thoughts, feelings and aspirations over the course of their life journey. It is available in hard copy at the office of Regional HIV/AIDS Connection or electronically here. PHAs are encouraged to submit articles and/or artwork for publication in Speak Out.

  • HIV Education

    Staff is available to answer questions and provide information to people about HIV/AIDS including, but not limited to, information about transmission, disclosure, available resources, health promotion.

  • POZ Prevention Education

    This is education provided by our staff and volunteers to help support HIV+ people to have full and healthy sexual lives.

  • Referrals to Other Services

    We can help you get connected to other services and resources located in your community.

  • Annual World AIDS Day Vigils

    Annual candlelight vigils held on December 1st to remember those we’ve lost to HIV/AIDS, to honour those still living with HIV/AIDS and to celebrate the achievements in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  • Annual Holiday Dinner

    Each December clients of the agency as well along with their families and friends come together to celebrate the holiday season. The evening consists of a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings, a visit from Santa Claus and gifts for everyone.

  • Assistance Navigating the “System”

    At times the health care system as well as seeking government assistance can be overwhelming. Client Services will work with clients to access the help they need. This may include client advocacy, assistance with government forms, and accompanying clients to appointments.

  • Client Workshops, Conferences and Skills Building

    We offer a variety of opportunities throughout the year to attend educational workshops and conferences to assist with building the skills and knowledge of PHAs.

  • Home/Hospital Visits

    When clients are feeling unwell they can feel isolated and alone. Client Services staff is available to visit you at home or in the hospital.

  • Skowronksi Fund

    The Skowronksi Fund is available to HIV positive clients who have been admitted to hospital. This fund covers the cost of phone and t.v. rental while in the hospital.

  • Women’s Programming

    We offer a variety of different programs, services and educational sessions specifically geared to HIV+ women throughout the year.

  • Annual PHA Retreats

    Retreats in the past for our clients have included speakers on topics of interest to those living with HIV/AIDS as well as various workshops. Several retreats have also included days of relaxation including massage therapy, reflexology, yoga, and other ways for our clients to renew themselves and connect socially.

  • Treatment Information & Resources

    Client Services staff is available to provide resources about current treatments as well as referrals to connect PHAs with existing medical and holistic services.