Mission, Vision, Values


We are community-inspired and dedicated to positively impacting the lives of individuals and diverse communities living with, at-risk for or affected by HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.



This work gives voice to both the individuals with HIV/AIDS and Hep C who are challenged, as well as to the groups and the communities working actively to improve the quality of life and opportunities for those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C.


Knowledge both educates individuals on the risks that people need to be aware of and the actions they need to take to reduce their potential to contract HIV/AIDS and Hep-C, as well as to source and apply practices.


RHAC provides a home for people who are living with HIV/AIDS and Hep-C. Home reflects the residential services through the John Gordon Home, which is a Home with a Heart, a special place for people who receive one year of supports in order to stabilize their lives.


Hope is about a world where there will be no new HIV or Hep-C infections and no further deaths from AIDS. It is about a day where stigma no longer exists. It is about finding a cure!


The courage to do what is right.