Dear Teacher/Service Provider,

Did you know that over 2 million people are still dying from HIV/AIDS related illnesses, and around the same number of people become newly infected with HIV every year? Across the globe and in our own community, HIV continues to affect people of all ages and backgrounds.  Did you also know that the Red Ribbon worn for AIDS awareness was the first ribbon ever worn to help create awareness of any disease?  These and other facts are important tools in helping fight the stigma that can contribute to new infections.

This year, Regional HIV/AIDS Connection has put together some simple tools for you to help create awareness in your classrooms and in your work and school environments.  As seen below are our World AIDS Day power point presentation, a presentation and guest speaker request form and a timeline and history of HIV and AIDS in North America. The power point presentation includes background information, current global and local statistics, information about HIV transmission and testing options, as well as a list of activities and ideas that you and your students can use to help create awareness and educate each other on the facts about HIV.

These simple tools are meant to help you create your own lessons, projects or presentations about HIV and AIDS, and can also be supplemented with additional support from RHAC staff in the form of guest speakers, additional information and resources.

For more information on how you can help create awareness of HIV AIDS in your community and in your classroom, please visit or contact the Director of Education Meredith Fraser at

Please click on the links below to access the our free toolkit:

A History of HIV/AIDS in North America & the World

World AIDS Day: A Presentation

Presentation Request Form

Marsha & Martin