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Cameras Patient Violation

May 31, 2013

Regarding the article Cameras to monitor clinic users (May 27).

The notion of installing mandatory security cameras at methadone sites is an egregious violation of patient privacy.
The citizens who access the services of methadone clinics are working hard to manage their addiction and better their lives. They do not need additional barriers to this vital health care treatment.
The stigma and judgment associated with addiction can make it difficult for people to access the health care they need and this proposal serves to perpetuate such stigma. Sadly, addiction continues to be viewed as a criminal issue instead of a health condition. It is because of these attitudes that such a violation of privacy would be considered.
If London council supports the proposal, its action will contribute to the continued stigma associated with addiction and will deter people from accessing the health care they need. Imagine the community uproar if a proposal was tabled to place security cameras to monitor consumers who access other types of health services.

Brian Lester
Executive Director
Regional HIV/AIDS Connection