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HIV Stigma Index Call For Participants

July 16, 2018

Canadian HIV Stigma Index - Call For Participants

The HIV Stigma Index is a research and community-building tool used in more than 90 countries worldwide. It is now being implemented in Ontario by a diverse team comprised of community-based representatives, service providers, and academics through St. Michael’s hospital.

Purpose of the Study

The aim of the HIV Stigma Index is to collect information about the experiences of people living with HIV related to stigma, discrimination, and human rights.

Research Process

The HIV Stigma Index is a peer-driven project: It has been developed and implemented by people living with HIV, which means that the Index questions will be asked by another person living with HIV. The Index is carried out in person, and takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete. All participants will be provided with a $50 honorarium.

Benefits of Participating

In addition to helping inform the wider community about experiences of stigma for people living with HIV, the process of implementing the Stigma Index is empowering.

To participate contact Colt Burrows at 1-877-392-7389 or