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Hope Award Ana Maria Castillo

October 4, 2011

Congratulations Ana Maria!

Ana Maria Castillo (pictured on the right) was given the first ever Hope Award at the agency's annual general meeting on September 8. We are thrilled that Ana Maria is the first recipient of this award. Her more than 20 years of activism, optimism and support of our community is a rare treasure, just like her!

The award is one of three: Voice, Knowledge and Hope, conceived this year to reflect the outstanding contributions of volunteers to the work of the agency. One may be awarded each year on a rotating basis.

The Hope Award is given in honour of the Newman family who, in October 1991, chose to make their HIV status public and spoke out against stigma and discrimination. In facing the loss of Robbie and Kim, the remaining members of the Newman family continue to inspire hope for those living with HIV that they can "survive and thrive" enjoying life and contributing to their communities.