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The Ontario Accord

January 31, 2012

All Staff and Board of RHAC Sign The Ontario Accord on January 19, 2012.

Regional HIV/AIDS Connection is committed to adhering to the principles of The Ontario Accord because the greater involvement and meaningful engagment of people living with HIV/AIDS (GIPA/MIPA) must be at the center of our work if we are to effectively deliver on our mission of addressing the challenges associated with HIV/AIDS.

The staff and board of Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (RHAC) commenced 2012 by coming together for a day to learn, explore and further develop our understanding and application of GIPA/MIPA (Greater/Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PHA)) within our organization. We took this opportunity to re-state our commitment to this philosophy of service delivery and share ways in which GIPA can engage PHAs and serve the organization’s mission.  GIPA is about human rights, inclusion, self determination and dignity of the full human being and RHAC deeply embraces these concepts as we strive to deliver on our mission.

At our first annual GIPA ceremony on January 19, each staff and board member signed the accord to demonstrate Regional HIV/AIDS Connection’s commitment to advancing GIPA. We will hold a ceremony on an annual basis to recognize our progress and renew our commitment to this integral element of the HIV/AIDS movement.

GIPA is, and will continue to be, in the forefront of our work. If you are living with HIV, we invite you to get involved with RHAC in ways that bring meaning to you as an individual. To those living with HIV who currently help bring GIPA to life at RHAC each day—we sincerely thank you!