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RFP - Program Administrator, OODP

August 27, 2012

Employment Opportunity

Request for Proposal


Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (RHAC) is currently seeking an independent consultant to act as the Program Administrator for the Ontario Organizational Development Program (OODP).


Initiated in 1995 as a government response to increasing requests from community-based HIV/AIDS organizations and programs, the Ontario Organizational Development Program (OODP) was created to provide long-term organizational development (OD) resources and a provincial program to achieve the following:

• To strengthen the capacity of HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario to determine their direction with awareness.
• To foster a culture within HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario to take responsibility for their own organizational development.
• To facilitate a structure and provide resources which strengthen the capacity of local community-based HIV/AIDS organizations/programs to manage issues of organizational development.
• To provide practical opportunities for key leaders of the HIV/AIDS community and/or the not-for-profit sector to share and enhance their skills and experience for the ongoing development and stability of the community-based HIV/AIDS organizations and programs in Ontario.

The OODP is a sponsored Program of the Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (RHAC) in London, Ontario.  The OODP funding is administered by RHAC and governed through funding agreements between RHAC and funders. As such, OODP and the PA is bound by these agreements.

OODP Services
• Analysis and needs assessment related to organizational issues and development
• On-site consultation to address the unique organizational development needs of the organization
• Resource provision
o Program Administrator*
o OODP Consultants
o Assessment of the agency identified organizational development challenges
o Pre-consultation and agenda design
o On-site consultation and follow-up
o Ongoing resource connections and support
• Providing referrals to other provincial programs and resources (e.g., Ontario Provincial Resource for ASO’s in Human Resources (OPRAH), Ontario AIDS Network Skills Building and PHA Leadership Programs (OAN), AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO), etc.)

*The role of the Program Administrator is to assign OODP Consultants for the on-site consultations, not to provide on-site consultations.

Examples of Planning Consultations:
• Designing a process that results in the development of annual work plans for the Board
• Providing information regarding the preparation/monitoring of the agency budget to the Executive Director (ED) and Board members
• Designing a process that examines service delivery planning reflective of the changing face of the epidemic

Examples of Governance Consultations:
• Developing a process that will leave the Board members and the ED competent in their respective roles and responsibilities
• Providing ED and Board Chair coaching
• Facilitating discussions that will lead to a Board development and recruitment plan

Examples of Group Process Consultations:
• Facilitating discussions relating to transitional and change management
• Facilitating discussions relating to boundaries
• Facilitating complex and difficult discussions (e.g., staff conflict, communication lines with the Board and ED, etc.)


The role of the OODP Program Administrator (PA) is to manage the day-to-day operations of the OODP Program and to prioritize the use of program resources to achieve the OODP Mission, strategic directions and program goals.  To accomplish this, the PA must ensure the effective operations of the program and that sufficient resources are available and have been aligned with strategic directions as needed.  The role of the PA essentially oversees the entire work of the

The successful consultant will be responsible to:

Program Management
• Manage the program in accordance with the OODP Implementation Plan 2011-2016
• Receive and assess the requirements of each consult request and match the appropriate consultant based on available experience, skills and budget ensuring equitable access to the OODP
• Program administration and reporting including record keeping, financial management, filing, tracking and monitoring of all consult requests
• General website maintenance and oversight regarding website content and tools
• Prepare and submit funding proposals and required reports ensuring contractual agreements with federal and provincial funders are met (includes financial and activity reporting)Work closely with the RHAC Director of Finance and Administration (who prepares all financial statements) to plan and develop the annual program budget and review all required financial reports (including monthly financial statements)
• Receive, review and process all consultant invoices, travel and other program-related expenses 
• Monitor, track and report PA hours of work and submit on a monthly basis to the Director of Finance and Operations at RHAC
• Stay attuned to the trends in HIV/AIDS and to patterns of OD among AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and in the HIV/AIDS community by noticing OD trends, commonalities, challenges and gaps
• Respond to all requests for service within two (2) business days and make semi-annual calls to ASOs to check in on OD needs and trends

Partnership Engagement and Program Promotion
• Maintain communications with consultants, funders and external partners
• Promote external partnerships by attending meetings such as COHR (Coordinated Ontario HIV Resources),  annual Ontario Community HIV/AIDS Reporting Tool (OCHART) KTE Day, and other meetings as invited or deemed relevant
• Ensure effective communication with funders, consultants, ASOs and partners in community-based HIV work and beyond
• Maintain current and open connections with AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario (ABRPO), OAN Skills/PHA Leadership and Ontario Provincial Resource for ASOs in Human Resources  (OPRAH ) and other relevant OD resources
• Compile and send a twice yearly e-letter update on OODP to ASOs and partners

Program Evaluation and Monitoring
• Monitor and report on the indicators in the OODP Strategic Plan
• Manage the program evaluation process consistent with the OODP’s guidelines, including evaluating the delivery of all on-site consults and workshops
• Conduct a post consult survey using appropriate methods and tools and compile results

Consultant Management
• Recruit and manage the consultant base and ensure sufficient program resources
• Ensure effective and responsive recruitment policies, practices and procedures are in place to maintain a consultant pool that continues to be relevant to community needs
• Develop and maintain consultant service agreements and review and update annually
• Work with Consultants to complete annual reviews consistent with OODP guidelines, and conduct regular check-ins with consultants
• Document and address any performance issues related to OODP Consultants and determine suitability for further work assignments through the Program
• Plan and support up to 4 meetings per year with consultants and funders to exchange information and identify issues

The successful consultant will be required to identify a person to act as the Back-Up Program Administrator from amongst the OODP Consultant pool during any period of absence, including vacation. 


1. Post-secondary education with a focus on OD and/or non-profit Administration or equivalent experience in a relevant field.
2. Minimum 2 years’ experience as an Executive Director or Senior Manager in an ASO or HIV/AIDS focused organization or equivalent experience in a related field.
3. Demonstrated ability to foster and maintain open communication and respectful relationships with HIV/AIDS sector organization staff, boards and communities.
4. Experienced in financial management, accountability and budget preparation and HR administration.
5. Experienced in managing projects and contracts with consultants or other external experts/professionals. 
6. Demonstrated commitment to inclusive policies, principles and practices including Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression and Greater Involvement of People with AIDS (GIPA) and the Meaningful Involvement of People with AIDS (MIPA).
7. Thorough knowledge and understanding of the HIV/AIDS sector, government programs and current legislation that may affect organizations.
8. Demonstrated ability to work under pressure, to anticipate potential problems/conflicts, and take appropriate actions to resolve issues/situations and meet deadlines.
9. Excellent interpersonal, presentation, communication and negotiation skills.
10. Ability to work both independently and collaboratively with consultants on contract and with community partners and funders.
11. Proficiency in use of computers and various computer software applications.
12. Experience in partnership development, report writing, project planning and evaluation and administration of program budgets.
13. Proficiency in French is considered an asset.


The PA will report directly to the RHAC Executive Director.  Reporting requirements will be outlined in the contract and established between the successful PA and the ED.  The PA is responsible to ensure that all program operations are successfully carried out and that all funding requirements are met.  Regular teleconference sessions will be held with the funders to discuss current issues and monitor progress.

The PA is also accountable to funders and the related funding agreements for OODP.


The PA Position is structured as part-time with flexibility to schedule the work based on the following requirements:
1. The PA must work a minimum of fourteen (14) hours per week
2. The PA must work eighty-four (84) hours per month, except where carry-over of hours is permitted in writing by the RHAC Executive Director
3. Scheduled hours should fall within standard business operating hours (8:00am-6:00pm, Monday thru Friday)
4. The schedule must be discussed between the RHAC Executive Director and the PA and must be approved in advance
5. Regular and consistent service is maintained for the Program
6. Regular office hours or availability is provided so ASO’s know when they can contact the OODP for service and to ensure the PA is accessible
7. The PA (or Back-Up PA) is available as required to the RHAC Executive Director (or designate) and/or to the Funder(s)
8. The PA (or Back-Up PA) will respond to inquiries within two (2) business days


The consultant will be required to sign and comply with a confidentiality agreement that will form a part of their contract. 

It is expressly understood that the information relating to the Client’s organization, operation and activities must remain in strict confidence both during the term of the agreement with the Consultant and after the contract has concluded.


The Consultant will provide the following at his/her own expense:
1. Business telephone number with voicemail
2. Long distance charges and/or long distance package
3. Business internet and dedicated e-mail address
4. General office and administration, including rent and utilities


The total cost of the proposal must not exceed $65,000.00 per annum (exclusive of applicable taxes).


RFP Posted/Advertised August 22, 2012
RFP Closing Date September 7, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. (EST)
Screening Completed September 14, 2012
Invitations for Interviews September 19-21, 2012
Interviews (in Toronto) September 21, 2012
October 9, 2012

References and Final Decision Week of October 15, 2012
Contract Awarded Week of October 15, 2012
Contract Start Date November 5, 2012


All proposals must include the following:
1. Cover letter specifically outlining the consultant’s name, address, contact information and related experience, education and training qualifying you to support the OODP.
2. Current resume or curriculum vitae.
3. A narrative submission of how you will approach the project and your ability to support the services and programs provided by the OODP as outlined above.
4. Fee schedule and rates which must include itemized fees under the contract.
5. Proposed schedule for service.
6. Proposed “home base” location (must be in Ontario).
7. 3 references.

To express interest in this exciting opportunity, please submit your proposal by no later than 4:00p.m. (EST) on September 7, 2012 to: 

Mr. Brian Lester, RHAC Executive Director
c/o OODP Program Administrator RFP
186 King Street, Suite #30
London, ON  N6A 1C7
Fax: 519-434-1843

As part of our commitment to the Greater Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS (GIPA) and the Meaningful Involvement of People with HIV/AIDS (MIPA), submissions from HIV-positive Consultants are welcomed and encouraged.

We thank all interested parties for their submissions with respect to this RFP.  Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

The Regional HIV/AIDS Connection and the OODP reserve the right to amend this RFP at any time and reserves its right to withdraw the RFP at any time, with notification to those who have provided submission by the deadline.