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Nominate a Volunteer: VKH Awards

Regional HIV/AIDS Connection’s Volunteer Awards highlight how volunteers have enhanced the delivery of our mission in the counties we serve. The awards celebrate volunteers who embody our value statement: “The courage to do what is right” and embrace our vision of Voice, Knowledge and Hope while exemplifying our guiding principles. Nominations are now open. Fill out the online form and email it to fmckeown@hivaidsconnection.ca to nominate a volunteer today. Deadline is May 31.

Powered by Volunteers

Every year, over 165 volunteers donate more than 8,000 hours of their time to help us achieve our mission. Regional HIV/AIDS Connection is fortunate to have volunteers who are passionate about social justice and anti-oppression. If you want to take action, this is the place for you! For more information about volunteering or to sign up for an orientation session, contact Fran McKeown at 519.434.1601 ext. 252 or fmckeown@hivaidsconnection.ca.

Suggestions to help students with difficulties in writing. Help the student by creating a schedule to give him time to finish his work. Encourage the student to work for short periods instead of spending several hours at a time on the same job. Begin by brainstorming for the student to write their ideas on the subject. If the student has difficulty in spelling or graphomotor skills, write in his place or allow him to use a computer to check my site. Help the student to organize their ideas following the brainstorming by creating an organizational model (either a writing plan, a timeline, an outline of the project (outlines), or using a help software to the organization (like Inspiration or Spark-Space). Encourage the student to develop the ideas to be included in the work, according to the organizational model. Invite the student to begin by drafting a template from the template. Have the student revise their work on vocabulary, sentences, grammatical constructions, writing mechanics (spelling, capitalization, punctuation, paragraphs).

Become a Volunteer

You can become a volunteer in 5 easy steps:

  1. Complete the volunteer application form.
  2. Attend an orientation session.
  3. Meet us for a 1-hour screening interview.
  4. Have 3 successful reference checks.
  5. Identify a volunteer role that is right for you.

Orientation & Training

Orientation & HIV Basics are offered at 186 King Street, London. Check our Event Calendar for upcoming dates.