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AIDS Awareness

Regional HIV/AIDS Connection is calling upon community members across the counties of London & Middlesex, Oxford, Perth, Huron, Lambton and Elgin of which we serve and, indeed, all Canadians to bring to light an understanding and awareness of HIV/AIDS and help end the epidemic. RHAC hosts events, provides education and creates awareness during HIV/AIDS Awareness Week, which takes place annually during the last week of November, to bring HIV/AIDS and related human rights issues into the spotlight.

Please join us through one of our events, participating in Red Scarf by either knitting a red scarf or attending our annual benefit concert, or by attending one of our vigils to honour, remember & celebrate while we strive for a cure.

We appreciate all of your support and hope to see you, your colleagues, friends and families commemorate World AIDS Day & AIDS Awareness Week.

Please continue to browse our AIDS Awareness tab to find out more information related to this year's campaign.

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