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Doing It For Ourselves

6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
602 Queens Avenue (Unit 201)

Join us for a virtual and in-person sexual pleasure workshop for all women and gender-diverse people. Register here.

"Doing it for ourselves" is a sexual pleasure workshop hosted by a community sex educator from London, Ontario. 

We will discuss: 

-Anatomy in inclusive ways

-Body-safe toy materials

-Lube compatibility

-Accessible solo sex positions and props

-Pleasure mapping

-Sensation play 

Participants can expect to walk away with: 

-Medically accurate sexual health education

-Relaxation techniques 

-Inspiration for getting yourself in the mood 

-More independence and confidence in the bedroom 

Please bring your questions and your note pads! There will be demo models to pass around, should you want to get a feel for what we're talking about in-person. 

Prizes! We have body-safe door prizes. They're amazing, durable, high quality sex toys, accessible sex props, and lubes that are compatible with just about everything and everyone.